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There are enough shady companies on the web. We'll treat you with respect, honesty, and maturity. Guaranteed.

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Starfish lets you try out more of what the web has to offer, without sacrificing privacy

You'll never need to use your real email address to sign up for web services again

  • Browser plug-in lets you create new single-purpose email addresses quickly 
  • Use unique auto-generated email addresses to sign up for anything 
  • Emails we get are auto-forwarded to your real address (forwarding on/off in 1 click!) 

80-second demo video

Have more fun: Never worry again about email privacy and explore the web without limits!

Accounts are cheap: Full protection and unlimited Starfish aliases for a few bucks a year

Incredibly fast: Takes just seconds to create Starfish aliases - or dispose of them 

Unlimited forwarding: No limits on what you can receive or how many aliases you can have forwarding email 

Private and secure: Only you have access to your alias information. You are the customer - you own your data

Long-lasting: There are no time-limits on aliases. Tag up your aliases all you want 

Your privacy is yours to protect: Marketers, hackers, and spammers are more active this year than ever before. If you don't take action to protect your privacy, nobody will!

"Okay. Which website gave away my email which said they wouldn't give away my email. I hate spam!"
johnhoff35 via Twitter

How does Starfish compare with other solutions? 


Use single-purpose email addresses, disposable email addresses, and username/password protection to protect your identity!

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